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Great value energy for EV drivers

Fuel your EV for 1p per mile We’re the first energy switching site in the UK to help electric vehicles…


3 things everyone should know about smart meters

If there’s one thing we get asked about more than anything else, it’s smart meters. Below, we’ve listed the three…


Are REGOs a good thing?

There has been some negative press recently about green tariffs that are backed by ‘REGOs’. Here’s our take… First, the…


What are energy exit fees?

  We’re often contacted by customers worried about being charged an exit fee by their current energy provider. In many…


Can I switch energy supplier if I’m renting?

The rules are very simple: If you pay the energy bills, then it’s your choice – if you want cheaper…


How to switch energy supplier with solar panels

                If you’ve got solar panels, don’t worry – you are still free…